Dating After Divorce: Instant Dating?

Yes this is America. Since the time we invented fast food (Nathan’s, White Castle and McD’s) , it’s been non-stop fast/instant everything down to picking up your dry cleaning or a even prescription. So it doesn’t surprise me that we’ve gotten to INSTANT DATING!

One of my clients sent me this hoot of an article about a relatively new dating web site that is not about personality compatibility. Oh contrar – it’s about if your schedules align. Yup – is not about browsing profiles for who might make a good match. You just plug in when and where you’ll be available and Voila! Instant date.

The Boston Globe had an article about some of the site’s clients and their results. Not too good really. Actually it seems the guys might have liked it better than the women. Although comments were mixed for both sexes. Of the people interviewed about their experience with the site, most were in their 20’s.

So if you find yourself bored and available and want to just meet somebody, anybody, a warm body, check out Crazy Blind Date and let me know what happens.  For some, the 20 something warm body might be enough motivation in itself wouldn’t it?

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