Dating Over 40: AOL Sponsors 2008 Love Survey

Just released on January 2nd, AOL Personals has completed a survey among it’s clients about their views on love. The survey was conducted in age brackets so you can see the generational differences of the respondents.

Not surprisingly,  marriage is on the chopping block with a high percentage of respondents who don’t feel marriage is necessary to validate committment.  For 20 somethings, 50% think this is true, while 40% of 60 somethings believe this.

But how about this figure – between 43%-50% of survey respondents think you can love more than one person at a time! The highest rankers are 40 somethings. I find that rather intriguing.

Another interesting question is should marriage last until death? (that’s a bit gothic maybe) While the vast majority agreed at a rate of 64% to 68%, the 30 somethings win hands down at 73%. That’s 73% of 30-39 year old singles on AOL Personals think marriage is "till death we part."  This is the biggest shocker to me, given the state of marriage, the divorce figures, and the fact that so many respondents don’t even think marriage is needed to validate commitment.

Anyway, the conclusion drawn by the AOL professionals and the survey administrators is that the desire for love is still going strong so sign up today.

I too can validate this idea – the desire for love and partnership is a basic human condition that has not changed. THE WILLINGNESS TO TAKE STEPS TO FIND LOVE- Ahhh – THAT HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!

It’s a brand new year. What steps will you take to make finding love a priority and a reality?

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