Dating Over 40: The Law of Attraction in Action – Got 20 Minutes?

I just had to share this with you as soon as I heard this outrageous good news.

One of my clients has been struggling with believing that love is possible for her. Carrie has come right out and said that she doesn’t think it could really happen. Yet, she’s hired me – so I pointed out the inherent conflict there. After all there must be a part of her that believes or why waste the cash on my coaching right?

We’ve been talking about shifting her consciousness by using affirmations. Carrie needs an overhaul of her underlying belief system and to reprogram her mind, expectations, and outlook.

Sounds like a very tall order yes? How could anybody accomplish this and how long will it take?

How about 20 minutes?

Today, Carrie took a 20 minute shower and while she washed her hair, she decided to focus on her affirmations. She spent time on the idea that love is possible, that it can happen to her, that she is ready, willing and open to have whatever she needs to shift to find the love she wants. Pure focus, 20 minutes.

This afternoon, Carrie got an email from a guy who is new to one of these social networking groups. (Not an online dating service.) He found her profile and sent her an email saying that she sounded interesting and since they live in the same area and he’s new in town, maybe they could have a drink sometime.

Is he the man of her dreams? Who knows. She hasn’t met him and he might not be.

BUT,  THIS IS UNDENIABLE, AMAZING EVIDENCE OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION! On the same day that Carrie made a very conscious decision to focus on the outcome she DOES want, rather than continue to put energy into what she doesn’t want – and she gets this email out of the blue.

Who knows what is next for Carrie, but one thing is for sure – the shift in her energy delivered IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  Why not try it for yourself?

I used this process when I was looking for love and the proof is in the pudding – seven years of happy marriage.

I’m so psyched about Carrie’s results, I’m going to apply this same thing to other areas of my life right away. I’m on the band wagon. What about you?

Climb aboard this fast paced train – the Law of Attraction can be applied by anyone, any time.

The time is now. The person is YOU!


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