Dating Over 40: Cuddle Parties?

Happy New Year!

Have you heard about this? Monitored parties where you arrive in PJ’s and select partners to cuddle up with. No hanky panky, just supervised dual gender nuturung human contact. Cuddle parties, which have been held in New York City, LA, Seattle, Australia and London, are for people who crave intimacy, something which for many people can be very hard to come by.

There’s an article on ABC News about it and the officlal web site explains cuddle party history, structure, rules,and has a calendar of events.

How surprised was I to discover that this rather unique concept was developed by two New York therapists, Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, back in 2004. Being blatantly honest, I can see this sort of avant garde communication workshop doing well in California and Australia – but London and New York? Yes, you CAN learn something new everyday.

If you have a free minute on this glorious New Year’s Day, checking out the innovative cuddle party web site might set a warm and intimate tone for the year to come. Let me know what you think.

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