Dating Over 40: Ask Santa for Love – Dating Advice to Make Dreams Come True

Dear Santa,
I only have one request for Christmas this year. One simple wish. LOVE. That’s right. I want a loving relationship with a fabulous partner who is honest, fun, thoughtful, smart, funny, active, financially stable, emotionally available, and very attractive to me. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.
I have been very patient and really good all year. I’ve opened my heart to love, I’ve gotten clear on what’s important, I’ve even forgiven past loves who did me wrong. And let’s face it – I’m totally ready. Not only that, but I have done my part to make myself available. I get out there to meet eligible singles, I attend dances, speed dating, and have even connected through the Internet.
Santa, I think you need to check that list twice. I want someone to be naughty and nice with. You’ll see that it’s most definitely my turn.. Wrapping is not necessary – it’s the thought and gift that counts. The milk and cookies are right where you’d expect them. 

Thanks so much! 
Lovelorn in Louisville

Letters to Santa Aren’t Just for Children
You may think that letters to Santa are just for children. But what if this is an actual way to get what you want? You don’t know until you try. No matter how silly it may seem, this is a fabulous exercise. I encourage everyone to take the time to write your own letter to Santa this month. Include everything you want, what you have done (or will do) to participate in the process, and why you deserve it now!

This exercise gets you in touch with what is really important about the partner you seek, commits you to taking action to find him/her and penetrates your subconscious mind to help you believe. According to the experts, all three are necessary to successfully manifest your desire. 
Another technique that spurs belief is prayer – one of the most powerful methods on earth to create just about anything. There’s no denying that miracles are born from prayer. You might even ask others to mention you and your desire for love in their prayers too. There have been several studies on the power of prayer to heal the sick, so finding love is another possible outcome.
Give yourself permission to recruit Santa for your dating cause. Let your inner child come forth, suspend disbelief and ask Santa for help. Will you use one of the most impactful MANifesting techniques available to you this month – a time when so many dreams come true? Take advantage of the season and reach out for what you want. You deserve it. 
Wishing You Love!

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