Dating After Divorce: More Web Dating Advice to Create a Captivating Profile

This past Saturday I ran a workshop in Connecticut called Finding Love Online – Secrets for Successful Web Dating.  With 25 attendants, the morning was fabulous with plenty of laughter, fun and jam-packed crucial details that will make their web dating efforts far more successful!

Even with that behind me for now, I still scour the Internet for more great advice and tips about web dating for my readers and clients.  And today I found a great post about how to write a good profile that incorporates an article from Men’s Health and details from an ebook on the AskDaveTaylor site.  While both pieces are written for men, so what!  The principles for composing a profile that captures attention are exactly the same.

A pretty quick read and valuable.  From my marketing background, I had a good chuckle to find the famous AIDA model – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – the four step plan for marketing materials to get a reaction out of prospects.  Let’s not forget, IS advertising!  So these strategies definitely apply in this realm too.

Take a few minutes to read up and apply the tips to your profile. They say a weekly tweak keeps your profile at the top of the list rather than on the last few pages. Keep your profile current and top-of-mind to attract the love you want


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