Dating After Divorce: The Attitude of Gratitude Makes You Attractive and Happy

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner today with friends and or family, your thoughts may be of stuffing and gravy or pumpkin chiffon pie. Some of you may say a prayer of thanks or take a moment before eating.  Others might start the day with these thoughts.  But many probably move from food preparation, to the dining room table to the couch for some football viewing.  Well, nothing wrong with that progression at all.

But what if you took a moment out to express your gratitude for all that you have in your life. For all the IS working well. For all that is going right.  What if you expressed this gratitude to the people who love you  and support you.  What if you take a moment to silently count your blessings.  All of these steps lead to feeling good – an air of contentment, happiness, and peace with what is. That is the Attitude of Gratitude and it is highly attractive and very magnetic.

When we encounter happy, confident people, we naturally gravitate to them.  These are the charismatic souls who everyone flocks to.  They are often the center of attention, not because they show off, but because they are comfortable with themselves and their lives. They make others feel comfortable for this very reason and that’s why we seek them out.

Take 10 minutes to make a list of all that is right with your life. No matter what your situation, there is always something you can be grateful for. Even if it’s as simple as the fact that today in CT the temperature is already 63 degrees with bright sun shine. Every minute you spend in this energy, embodying the Attitude of Gratitude , sooths your spirit, smoothes your energy field and allows it to expand to become the magnetic personality you were born to be.



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