Dating Over 40: The Most Magical MANifesting Story Yet! Recreating-Eden

I often review my blog stats and search strings to see how people are finding me.  What do visitors search for to end up here?  This monring I came upon this 18 month old blog posting from a site by  Julia Rogers Hamrick who is a spiritual teacher and author found the right man for her much to her complete surprise.  Her love story is sooooo inspiring – you just have to read it.

Naturally you will hear about the Law of Attraction and how things fell into place for Julia on her path to find love.  Visit her blog to read this post about asking for a sign to meet the right man, choosing her sign (a red diamond) and what happened next.

I’d invite you to poke around her site if you get a chance.  Sometimes I’m a bit jaded about all this new age stuff, but this site just hit me right today.  Need a dose of positivity – go right now to visit Easy World – doesn’t that sound like fun?

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