Dating After Divorce: Don’t Throw Cold Water on His Attempts at Chivalry

Shelley Walton has a great article on that totally supports my 10 Reasons why a woman should never pay on the first date. In her article Don’t Go Dutch, she explains how the last thing you want to do as a woman on a first date is throw cold water on a man’s attempt to be chivalrous.  I AGREE!

Of course for any newbies, I do have 9 other reasons why ladies shouldn’t pay which you’ll get when you sign up for my e-newsletter Kiss & Tell.

The web site SassyBean is worth visiting – filled with tons of content, plus a Q&A blog by NY’s dating coach Matt Titus – who will soon have his own dating reality show on Lifetime starting in January, 2008.  His answers are short and to the point. Get’s my vote as Worth the Surf.

The show should be interesting.  I’m not a big fan of many reality shows, but I must admit to checking out the ones about dating.  Sometimes curiosity does get the best of me.


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