Dating After Divorce: The Downside of Puppy Love

The downside of puppy love?  Is that cleaning up the poop?  Well it can be if you rush in too quickly…

Amy, The Singles Coach wrote a great article in the Noblesville Daily Times (that’s in Indiana my friends) relating early relationships to puppy love. She talked about how puppies suck you so you fall in love right away, but things should be easier with humans because we get a trial period before we bring them home.  Brilliant!

I liken this to the concept of what I call ‘Drive-Thru Dating". The whole idea that you could instantly fall in love and have a healthy, solid relationship comes from all the instant access we have today.  But no matter how much technology we have, there are some things that still take time to brew. Like good wine and good beer. Even pizza dough takes time to rise.

Yes, you may experience immediate infatuation – but is that really love? You may have intense chemistry – but is that love?  Do I believe in love at first sight?  I’m sure it happens, but occasionally, not as the rule.

When dating, if you take your time, you’ll come through with far less cuts, scrapes and bruises. This requires using your head and not just your heart (or lust.) Approach falling in love like a lightly rolling stream rather than the rush of a steep waterfall. This will help you find a partner with sticking power over time and hopefully keep you from one disappointment and broken heart after another.

Wow that’ just might be analogy overload…

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