Dating After Divorce: Dan in Real Life – New Romantic Comedy Movie

Last weekend a new movie was released about a male advice columnist – Dan Burns who is a relationship expert with his own dating issues.  Sounds entertaining. Dan, played by Steve Carell falls for this gorgeous babe who turns out to be his brother’s girl. Oh oh.

"The film is about two people who could not, not fall in love," Carell explains. "They’re good people and they are trying not to fall in love because they perceive it as hurting others. Ultimately, they can’t help themselves."

I always wonder about that "can’t help myself" explanation. I’ve heard that many times – some people are just magnetically drawn to a certain type of person who is insanely attractive and often poisonous as well.  Harkens back to my belief about having a type – you get the good with the bad because when you have a type – it’s a package deal.

Anyway, here’s what the Chicago SunTimes had to say about the film…Enjoy!


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  1. Hey Ronnie,

    Just wanted to say that everybody should go see this movie! It was written/directed by an old friend of mine, Peter Hedges. He’s definitely one of the good guys, and his work is always great (He wrote the novel “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” for one awesome example.)



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