Dating Over 40: BOO! Have You Been Toilet – Papered Yet?

Came home last night from the grocery store to find those long streams of toilet paper hanging from my trees.  Not just my yard – the whole street had been decorated for "Soap Night." That’s what I hear they call this night of mischief. 

Worse things could happen of course.  I just stopped the car at the end of the driveway, reached up to pull the streamers down, rolled them up and continued down the driveway to the garage.  Some neighbors think this behavior is cute and have encouraged their kids to take part.  Nice huh?  Others find it extremely annoying.

You can look at dating this way too.  There are definitely times when dating can be annoying, no question.  But how much you let it bother you is really the key.  The best way to keep yourself motivated and active is to rely on "who’s next" thinking.  That helps you focus on the future and its potential rather than what a jerk your last date was.

Almost everyone has a few outrageous dating stories to tell.  Some are the stories from hell.  Others are light diversions.  Sometimes they can be amazingly similar – but the perspective is what makes the difference.

My advice? Do what you can to minimize dating annoyance. Don’t spend too much time grumbling over what an idiot your date was, or how you were done wrong, etc. I’m not talking about long-term relationships that came to an end – just the one or two night date types.  Short-timers so to speak. 

Don’t allow these brief encounters to leave deep scars by keeping the story alive.  Try not to repeat the tales too often – just get them out of your system and then stop.  Then, move on to think about whom you might meet next.  You never know, the next one could be the charm, making it all worth it

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