eHarmony Gets Good Marks, But Not From My Clients

My friend Terry Hernon McDonald found this article (posted 10/22) about how eHarmony is so good, the people they match who get married equals 90 people per day.  And their customer service associates get invited!  Well the article was in 1 to 1 – a trade magazine about improving customer relations. 

Guess they don’t track the unhappy customers.  Every one of my clients (and frankly every single woman I  meet) usually complains bitterly about eHarmony.. Either they get rejected, told there aren’t any matches, or the matches they do get are 100 miles away.

What is this about?  It seems eHarmony is a better site for the under 30 crowd.  When I talk to younger women, they are mostly happy with the service. Perhaps younger men are more willing to fill out the 400 something questions.  Most men over 40 aren’t interested in the deep question, personality test stuff.

The contact systems is also cumbersome for people who are not of the web 2.0 age.  I hear many stories about how things fizzle before matches even get to what the site calls "open communication" which is regular emailing.

So eHarmony may get high marks from an industry perspective, but not with the sample of people I encounter.  Feel free to make your own decision – but just for fun, why not google "issues with eharmony" and see what comes up.  Should be interesting.



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