Dating Over 40: Speed Dating – The Best Practice Playground

Have you tried speed dating yet?  There are many different companies offering this fun and innovative way to meet the opposite sex. 

How it Works:
You go to which ever web site you choose and register to create your account. Be sure to sign up for their email notices because you want to be able to sign up right away.  This is especially true for women.  They need an even number of men and women and more women always sign up – so don’t delay!  Look for upcoming events up. Sign up now, think about it later.

Generally, the speed dating hostess will let you know as things get close if you’ve made it tot he list.  Then you dress to impress and go!

Don’t use the interrogation method of conversation.  Instead focus on having fun and making a connection.  If you can do that – you can always get the low down later.  But if you don’t create a fun interchange – you won’t be making a good impression.

Keep track of who you like – write their names and code numbers down.  After the event, you’ll log into your account and make your selection.  If they pick you and you pick them, the service will let you know there was mutual attraction.  Yahoo!

Now what is the best way to approach this whole thing?  First off, the best possible attitude is to think of this as flirting practice.  Try different flirting methods out.  Take some calculated risks.  Just go and try to have a fun evening.  Enjoy meeting new people -that’s the best way to look at it.

In fact I know many women who have made new best friends at these events.  Having a dating buddy is a wonderful way to get and stay active.  Like  a partner in crime – but in a good way!  You can egg each other on, motivate yourselves and go to events together.

Please don’t take this whole thing too seriously.  It’s not worth it to get all down  or bummed out  – its just speed dating!  Let this be another avenue to meet new people and practice flirting and you will come away with a good story, a good attitude, and a good opportunity to meet some of those guys again.

Try it!

Here’ s a few to investigate – 8 Minute Dating, Speed dating (the original) Hurry Date, Pre-Dating, A Match Made in 7,  Got 5 Minutes and so on



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