Dating Over 40: Queen of Typos

 Yes, I admit it freely – I am the Queen of Typos.  Would I rather be Queen of something more prestigious? Well of course. 100% of the time I actually proof read my work – although that is no guarantee I’ll notice all the errors.  99% of the time I also use spell check. The problem is my typing fingers are dyslexic. That 1% of the time seems to bring me to Queendom. Let me take a moment to shine in this spot.

Today I got a comment about my penchant for typos – it seems the writer felt it makes a bad impression. Hard to argue with, true.  On the other hand, I am rather human – I think that’s a nice quality.

When I coach women about their profiles and online dating, the subject of poorly written profiles and typos is a frequent topic. I hear it’s very hard to tolerate. Well, to each her own. Everyone has standards and typos aren’t the best. But here’s a question for you…

Will an English degree keep you warm at night? Will good grammar hold you lovingly in his arms? Will a perfect profile guarantee you a man who doesn’t cheat, lie or even a man who will treat you well? Nope. No assurance here. Trust me these are not good indicators.  Intelligence and education are not even a guaranteed combination.

Look for clues in the profile and emails that tell you more about the person.  Typos do make a first impression and it can be hard to get past that. I understand. But beauty is only skin. Sometimes small flaws cover huge, giving hearts. (My husband can’t spell to save his life but he can fix anything.) I hope you’ll give it some thought on your journey to find love.

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