Dating Over 40: Five Types of Online Daters to Avoid

The journalists are just buzzing with stories on Internet dating.  Here’s one with 5 types of dates to avoid – not the places to go but the types of people posted on  Some good tips and a photo of George Clooney too.  Still a bit negative.

The point is – do you believe everything you read?  That’s an old saying challenging advertising. Guess what – being on is ADVERTISING.  So proceed with some savvy, smart shopper caution.  Don’t take everything at face value.  Don’t trust everyone to be honest like you are (or a tiny white lie fibber for a few lbs. and height inches)

The world is made up of all kinds of people and with 40% of all singles (which is half of the US population) that’s a whole lot of people.  Yes, there will be outdated photos, people who don’t read your profile, people who are married and still looking, people who just want pen pals and a virtual relationship.  So what?  Let that go and remember – this is still an amazing resource to connect you with singles in a very quick and relatively inexpensive fashion. 

Be realistic about meeting people online.  You might find the love of your life right off the bat.  You might have the date from hell.  You might have a great story to entertain your friends.  If you can approach this as an adventure, then you can tell the tale with pride, enjoy meeting new people, make new friends and also find love along the way.

Hey, don’t forget – I used personal ads – before the web got so big.  That was 22 printed words on a weekly newspaper page and a voice mail from a prospect.  No photos and not much info.  Yet I met plenty of men.  Most weren’t for me – but isn’t that to be expected?

I’m still in favor of online dating.  And I’m happy to share my secrets on how to make it easier, safer, more enjoyable and more effective.

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