Dating Over 40: Boomers are Bedding on First Date

Yup – you got that right.  According to new research sponsored by England’s biggest boomer lifestyle web site  and Parship, the largest European online dating service, the over 50’s crowd is twice as likely (37%) to have sex on the first date than those under age 40 (18%).  Go figure!  The article did say that the 76% of the women were traditional about it, expecting men to  buy dinner first.  That made me laugh!

So where are these UK lovers looking for lustful partners? On the web with 46% now surfing vs. just 26% a mere six months ago. That’s quite a jump statistically speaking. And more than half of those surveyed rated Lust and Passion higher than Marriage.  Is any of this as surprising to you as it is to me?

If you want to read the rest of this shocker visit here


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