Dating Over 40: Feng Shui and Your Love Corner

Over the weekend and today on Momference, I taught workshops about finding love and keeping it with Feng Shui. I was quite surprised at how much interest there is in this topic.  Even though I have a love of Feng Shui, I’ve been told that enrollment in classes like this have been dwindling.

For those who did attend – we had a blast.  Feng Shui is the ancient Eastern Art of harmonizing energy in your home or office to create the best possible circumstances and good fortune.  There are many things you can do to attract love from a Feng Shui perspective.  For example, build a love altar.  Select some items that symbolize love and romance to you – then put them together in one area as a sacred space with the intention of attracting love.

Of course there’s a  lot more you can do, but when I was "looking" my love altar was a true place of focus for me.  I looked at my display every day upon waking and every night before going to sleep. Using this as a reminder of what I wanted to create and attract in my life, I would imagine the happiness of finding my partner as if it were happening in that particular moment.  This is very much like the methods mentioned on "The Secret." which has taken the USA by storm in the last few months.

After these two classes, it seems like a good idea to make this information available in a home study course – so that’s one of my new projects! 

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