Dating Over 40: Dissing Dating Coaches

I’m surfing the Internet and find this site that talks about therapists and dating coaches.  Written by a therapist of course – the author preferred therapists and suggested that a coach, while meaning well, is not qualified for many issues that may crop up. And might due harm rather than good.

OK, it’s true, I’m not a therapist.  But I do carefully select who I work with to screen for deeper issues.  I know my limits.  But I know my advantages too!  And I’ve had several therapists for clients!

Dating coaching has become a hot service, but not because we are selling snake oil.  It’s because of the new social phenomenon – that so many adults are dating again at 40, 50, 60+.  And that’s what makes it complicated, frustrating, and sometimes down right unsatisfying.

Which is exactly the very reason people come to me – because I can help them through those emotions and back to the other side. The positive side of dating where meeting new people can be fun, where dating can be a productive adventure, where you really can find the love you’ve been searching for.

I am the Mistress of Hope.  But hope based on the foundation and deep knowing that if I found love – YOU CAN TOO!  Please, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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