Dating Over 40: Meeting a Star Trek Fan – How to Handle a Clingy Clingon?

My client Janine was having a round of bad blind dates. I’m sure you’ve all been on one or two yourself.  But, try topping this one.  Yes, that is a direct challenge by the way, so feel free to comment or email me.

Having attended a singles picnic, Janine already had her fill of being hit on by the time dinner was served.  She chose a seat far from the maddening crowd to relax and enjoy her dinner in peace.  That didn’t last long.  Before she knew it, Ken appeared, plopped down in the chair next to her, sighing loudly. He proceeded to complain how all the women were hitting on him, and all he really wanted to do was sit and eat his dinner in peace. Coincidence?

The conversation was  OK for a few minutes.  Then, he turned to Janine with a strange look on his face and asked her, "Do I look like anyone you know? Somebody famous?" No one came to her mind.  He didn’t remind her of anyone she could think of, celebrity, TV, movies, rock stars, athletes.  Nope.  Yet, Ken persisted and asked her several more times. "Come on, really think about it." he said.

That didn’t help. So Ken decided to be kind and give her a little hint. "Did you ever watch Star Trek?" he asked, followed by a tossing of his long, rather unruly dark hair.  The wheels in Janine’s head were turning now as she started worrying what she was getting herself into. "A Clingon?" she responded tentatively.

"YES!" Ken answered with a broad smile, followed up quickly by something in the Clingon language.  Oh yes, it’s true.  You just can’t make up this kind of stuff.  Then he told her how he knew from the moment he first saw her that she would know about Star Trek and understand his life interest in Clingons. Right.

Our heroine however, is a very skilled and savvy dater. With a short but deeply focused minute or two, the idea sprang gratefully into her head.  Janine turned to Ken, and with the greatest amount of compassion she could muster, she looked soulfully into Ken’s eyes and expressed the single piece of knowledge that could keep the two of them apart.

"Ken, I don’t know how to tell you this, but like Diana Troy in Star Trek, I’m an empath." And for anyone of you out there who have forgotten or never cared to know Star Trek lore, empaths and Clingons don’t  get along.  At all. Ever.  They simply don’t relate.  This was a pure stroke of genius on Janine’s part.

Ken was, shall we say, totally devastated. He looked at her dejected, knowing she was right about their fate.  Then Janine picked up her plate and moved on to a new table.  And that my friends is one hell of an exit line!

2 responses on “Dating Over 40: Meeting a Star Trek Fan – How to Handle a Clingy Clingon?

  1. Ronnie Post author

    So glad you can appreciate the perfection of her exit strategy. I certainly will relay your applause!

  2. Jeff Mac

    Ha! Oh wow. That is one of the most masterful moves I’ve ever heard of to get rid of a man. She basically made it HIS idea.

    Man, is that woman ever lucky that she could dredge up enough Star Trek lore to pull that off.

    When you see her next, please, give her a round of applause for me.

    -Jeff Mac

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