Dating Over 40: What Do You Know About Romeo?

How much do I love this idea?  A whole lot!

What Do You Know About Romeo is a very cute website where you can check on a man by entering his user name and the web site he’s on for online dating.  Yes, it probably skews a bit younger but it’s a fun site and the idea is most certainly novel. There are some male experts to ask questions of and a blog of course. 

I must admit, the man I dated just before I met my husband had that very nick name. No he didn’t call himself Romeo, I did.  And I didn’t say it to his face.  But, that’s how I referred to  him to all my girlfriends who were privy to my dating dilemmas.  He had a very thick Italian accent and when I first met him at a singles dance, I only understood about 60% of what he said to me.  Believe that was enough.

He knew the language of romance very well.  It’s a universal language and it was too much fun.  I just wanted one fling to do the wrong thing.  Until that point,  I was always sensible and did the right thing. But with Romeo, I jumped off the cliff.  It was worth it. 

After about 8 weeks, when he started acting like a total jerk, I kicked him to the curb.  Yeah, I cried for a few days, but I’m still glad I did it.  Plus, the most important byproduct for me, was a new willingness to open my heart, take a risk on love and say "what the heck!"  Once I got there emotionally, then I was ready to connect with a good man – like my husband.

So, thank you Romeo for the memories and for helping me see that I could take a chance, get disappointed, survive  and move on to find the right man for me.

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