Dating Over 40: Drooling Over the Real Thing

Meet the fantasy – Prince Lorenzo De Medici. He’s from one of the oldest famous families in Italy.

Yes he’s a real prince who lives in Florence, Italy.  I think this is so funny considering my last post!  This is a fine example of the law of attraction in action.  He’s very cute, although cuter in his younger years (but weren’t we all?) You can hear an interview with him and Renee Piane, the founder of and then visit Lorenzo’s web site.

From listening to him talk about dating, women, Italian men and cheating, by my standards, he’s a bit of a scoundrel. Seems like the guy I dated and nick-named Romeo regarding how he talks about romance.  Hey, maybe Lorenzo might have been related to the real Romeo. Oh what am I saying – Romeo is just a creation of William Shakespeare!  Nonetheless, its all very fun to think about.

Go ahead and live the fantasy as the famous Chanel commercials suggest.  Visit with Lorenzo and enjoy the view.  It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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