Dating Over 40: Article from Oprah’s Mag Missed the Boat

Sitting at the hair salon, covering my roots and I glanced at the latest O Magazine.  The September issue has one, three articles about love and relationships listed on the cover. Excitedly, I turned the pages to read them over. Honestly, I was less than impressed.

The one that could have been most interesting was about whether or not you should spill the beans on your romantic history.  The writer had interviewed Greg Berhandt of He’s Just Not That Into You fame and discovered that Greg and his wife never shared their relationship stories.  Hmmmmm – do we even believe that? How could that be?

The article went on to discuss the pros and cons and what other people do about this subject.  But what it never did was draw any conclusion.  And even worse, there was no discussion of WHEN it works best to talk about this touchy subject.

The whole article totally missed the boat!  Why? Because while you don’t need to know every dirty little detail, it’s good to understand your partner’s past romances as you get to know him/her better.  What happened? How did they handle things? What did they learn?  And how do they talk about their ex’s? Still angry?  Healed and free?

Yet, this is not the stuff first dates are made of, or second or third dates either. Get to know each other first a bit to you see if there is long-term potential before airing your dirty laundry.  Then, as you get to know each other, you can ask questions, find out about your partner’s past and deepen your knowledge of each other.  The point isn’t to arouse suspicion or jealousy, or to stir up old wounds, but to connect with your partner, learn, understand, and grow.

And that’s the point O Magazine totally neglected. Totally missed the boat on the point of their own article.  If you want the real scoop on relationship "how to’s" that really work, this is the place.  You can count on it.


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