Dating Over 40: She Caught his Attention with her Skirt

Here’s a great story about "how’d you find him?"

Charlene took my It’s Never Too Late to Find Mr. Right workshop a few years ago.  She was really taken with the idea of flirting and enhancing her feminine allure.  To do so, Char decided to start wearing skirts – something she hadn’t done in some time.

Soon after, she was out at an art gallery opening and noticed a guy smiling at her.  Tom finally walked over to say hello after Char smiled coyly a couple of times. (That’s how it works you know.) Anyway, one thing lead to another and they just got engaged over Labor Day weekend!

After a couple of months of dating, Char had asked Tom what attracted him to her that fateful night.  His response?  "I really liked how  you looked in that skirt" 

Think about it – you could be next!  Check out the Find Love for the Holidays Workshop that starts Sunday September 16th. I’ll post details later today on the calendar.

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