Dating After Divorce: More on Cheaters

So I ran across this blog by Jeff Mac called Manslations – like translating man lingo. Pretty clever if you ask me.  I started reading this post he wrote in response to a woman who asked,  "How do you stop a man from cheating and lying and where to find a guy who doesn’t do this?"

His answer was bold, straight forward and refreshing.  How do you stop a man from cheating and lying? Jeff says – "you don’t.  What you do instead is choose another man.  Wow.  That is so harsh and so true.

Jeff shares a man’s perspective, which let’s face it ladies – we NEED to hear.  We need to understand how the opposite sex thinks.  And he let’s us in on what’s going on with most men.  If this is one of your concerns, or you keep attracting men who exhibit this behavior, you might want to read what Jeff has to say.  Visit


3 responses on “Dating After Divorce: More on Cheaters

  1. Sue

    The “How do I get anyone to do anything” is a futile question. Relationships are about compromise. No relationship is perfect and you’re not going to love every single thing about your partner. Being treated poorly is a completely different story. Maybe because I’m 44 I have less patience for these types of questions. I’d rather be alone than spend my time teaching someone how to treat me with respect & decency.

  2. Ronnie Post author

    Hi Jeff,

    To me, it’s the hard cold truth that sounds harsh to women who often want to give the benefit of the doubt or make excuses for a man who strays. Many people try to soften things so they “land better” – but then with far less impact! Or they offer options – it could be this, it could be that. You just put your stake in the ground to tell like it is. I’ll certainly be back to read more on your blog.

  3. Jeff Mac

    Hey Ronnie Ann!

    You know, I didn’t even think I was being all that harsh when I wrote that. I think what’s harsh is when the cheat-EEs end up asking themselves, “What did I do to make him/her do that, and what can I do to stop it?”

    I love your site, and thanks so much for the link!

    -Jeff Mac

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