Dating After Divorce: Reality TV – Scott Baio on VH1

So I just got clued into this TV show on VH1 called Scott Baio is 45 and Single.

From what I can tell, Scott has been working with a love coach or therapist called Doc Ali to figure out what he wants.   He has a girlfriend and apparently was trying to decide if he wanted to get married or stay single. In today’s episode, he’s looking at diamonds.  Here’s my favorite part – he’s with his friend looking at rocks that are $131,000 and is a bit freaked by that ticket price.  After all he could buy a Ferrari for that amount of cash.

So he says, "Why not just get her the chromium zucchini and be done with it – she’ll never know the difference."

Well they always say truth is stranger than fiction – chromium zucchini – he meant to say cubic zirconia!  He better hope she says yes!

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2 thoughts on “Dating After Divorce: Reality TV – Scott Baio on VH1”

  1. Well “M” that’s quite a comment. Not sure if you are saying that $131K is necessary or if you think women are dumb and that’s the default. But thanks for stopping by.

  2. Give me a break. If he went through a whole season giving his coach that deer-in-the-headlights look whenever she asked if he had learned anything, there’s no reason why he’d think he could buy a decent ring from a wholesale jeweler who’d give him a deal (he’s a celeb, after all, however washed up) for less than 131K.

    The female brain is the default. According to several scientists, “extreme” male behavior can actually be accurately deemed autism.

    There is very little hope.


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