Dating After Divorce: Grocery Store Pick Up

My friend Terry MacDonald of MarrySmart fame, told me this story.  She met a woman this summer who met her husband at the grocery store.  Not just your average Joe however.  Turns out he is the great grand son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and very wealthy.

So next time you head out to shop – do a little primping first.  At the very least, a touch of gloss and a quick comb through.  That way if someone catches your eye and smiles, you won’t turn and run.  You can feel good enough to hold up your end of the conversation and maybe give him your number.

Best place to meet – the produce aisle!  Also looking at soup and along the perimeter –  where you find the meat, cheese and milk.  Think about it – sort of adds new meaning to shopping doesn’t it?

Happy Shopping!

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