Dating Over 40: Get Off the Bitter-Bus!

Talking with Kelly from MA this morning writing her online dating profile. She was telling me about a friend of hers who is on the Bitter-Bus.  What ? I never heard of that before.  What a descriptive euphemism for being down on dating.

When you are negative about the singles’ scene, you actually sabotage your prospects. Being happy, positive and open, are much better qualities.  Here’s a few tips to get you off the bitter bus and on to finding someone new and better:

1) When you catch yourself saying negative things about dating and men, wake up!  Stop yourself at the moment you realize the bus is rolling and you are on it. Change the subject you are talking about or move on to happier thoughts.

2) Don’t put down the attempts your friends or family are making to meet new people.  Be supportive instead because you’d like to see them happy – wouldn’t you? 

3) Don’t assume because you tried a particular singles event or meeting method one time, that you’ll have the same poor results if you try again. It could happen, but you could also meet someone, so give yourself a break.

4) Some one else’s good luck at finding a mate is evidence that it’s still possible for you too! Instead of feeling like other people are luckier than you are, why not think "If that person can find someone, so can I!"

5) Generalities hurt you. Not all men (or women) are liars, cheats, non-committal, etc. There are always exceptions to every rule and who even says that this poor behavior is a rule? Everyone is not the same – thankfully or we’d all like the same man (or woman) – Yikes, what  horrible thought that is!

Stop riding the bus. Follow any of these steps to shift gears and your attitude which will improve your chances of finding the love you want.

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