1 thought on “Dating Over 40: Refuse to Date Short Men?”

  1. Well really I don’t think height matters at lest to most women I’m 5 ft 4 or 5 somewere around there and all in all Ive had at least close to 40 dates in my life I’ve had 7 this year LOL I never bought into the it’s harder to date if your shorter I allways got the girl and good thing is I’m olny 22 years old so still have lots more advinture left in me my last girlfriend was a model and my girlfriend of almost one year is 6ft2 so no worries and she asked me out well think about it why would god make one size fits all god made everything all different sizes shapes and colors I mean evolution is impossible not even a chance it happend so I always knew I had just as good of a chance as anyone else same goes to shorter men just don’t worrie and just realize your worth being loved and It will come trust me!


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