15 Simple Online Dating Profile Tips Help You Find Love Faster

what should I write about myself in my dating profileDiscover the best online dating profile tips to find love, from what to say to getting great photos. Check out these 15 simple and proven tips that really make a difference in who you attract!

What to Say About Yourself

These are some of the best online dating profile tips that will help you appeal to quality men! There’s a lot more to a great profile than you might think. The written profile needs to be conversational, upbeat and fun to read. What should you say about yourself?

Think about what a man would like to know about a woman like you. Do you enjoy watching any team sports? What about playing sports like golf or tennis? Maybe listening to live jazz, playing poker, or going to a car show.

Do you enjoy the outdoors and camping? How active are you and do you ever go biking, hiking or kayaking? Let him know how you spend your free time. Being active and interested in sports can help snag a man’s attention and keep him reading.

Be authentic and talk about the things you love about your life. Enthusiasm, energy and positivity all work in your favor to convey you as an exciting and interesting woman. Share what you value most about your life and what you are grateful for.

Are you active, fit, always learning, social, family-oriented, creative, or a movie buff? Do your best to avoid sounding like every other single woman online. The goal is to stand out and get noticed.

Who You Want To Date


Express who you are looking to date and the type of man that suits you. Give a snap shot of how a man can please you – this tips him off so you can discover if he wants to please you to win you over or is out to simply please himself.

Adding these details about your ideal mate helps the men reading your profile to see themselves in your description or move on if they aren’t a good fit. This is vital as far as online dating profile tips go!

Think about the guy you want to be with – is he social and open to new things? Does he prefer a healthy, active lifestyle or is he more into his hobbies and family? Is he the kind of man with a great sense of humor, who knows how to live a balanced life and will he be a supportive partner?

This is the place to state what you want. A limited wish list that some man sees as a description of himself which makes him want to reach out to you right away.

What You’ll Do Together

who is my ideal manMen are very visual, so even though this is about the written part of your online dating profile, you want to paint a picture with words. Help men visualize what it will be like to spend time with you.

Thinking back to the description of yourself, which bits might you want to enjoy as a couple? Next add other things that would be fun like staying in bed all morning to read the Sunday paper, discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or singing karaoke at a local pub.

Maybe you’ll cook an amazing meal together, entertain friends, or build a house with habitat for Humanity. Think about what you want to do with your new man.

What to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

what to avoid in your dating profileAnother one of the best online dating profile tips is to avoid the most common things women write! Read a few women’s profiles before you write your own, so you see what not to do.  You may find an awesome one that gives you a few good ideas to build on.

For example, don’t talk about walking on the beach, going to the movies, dining out, or snuggling in front of a fire. Many women talk about cultural events, like the ballet or theatre.

He might go with you and even enjoy it, but it won’t attract the quality man you’re dreaming of. He wants to know who you are, not just what you like to do. Don’t be afraid to shine and be a unique individual.

Profile Length Matters

Keep it on the shorter side around 250-300 words. Even though Match.com asks questions, you can paste your whole profile under one of them or spread it out in chunks under several questions.

Ultimately, keep your writing to 250-300 words in any one section if you want men to read it. And be sure to create paragraphs, so that it’s easy to read. Nothing is a bigger turn off then a huge block of text which feels overwhelming.

For the dating apps such as Bumble, you only have 300 characters. That means all the words, spaces and punctuation – each item counts. So you’ll need to eliminate excess and maybe not use full sentences if you want to squeeze it all in.

The Best Online Dating Photos

A picture is worth 1,000 words – that hasn’t changed. Below you’ll find an infographic with 15 of my best online dating profile tips for photos spelled out. I added others underneath the graphics too about important body language pointers.

Online dating profile tips - photos

About Your Body Language

the best online dating photo tipsOne more important aspect for great online dating photos – don’t forget about your body language! If you follow this proven and savvy advice for your pictures, you’ll get plenty of attention and dates.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Avoid folding your arms in front of you – this is a signal that you are protecting yourself and not very open.

2. Don’t elevate your chin, which makes it appear you are looking down your nose at others. It gives a haughty, arrogant impression.

3. Choose clothing that flatters you to show off your best features. This is a form of advertising so present your best self.

4. For a full-body pose, turn slightly away from the camera, so you are not facing directly front with both shoulders. One shoulder and hip are slightly behind you, which is very flattering and feminine.

5. For greater appeal, try something flirty like posing with a hat and looking up from underneath it or turning your body completely side ways, then looking over your shoulder at the camera. Be playful!

If you want more online dating profile tips, why not schedule a Digital Dating Makeover. Profile and get the full professional package. Make the most of your dating efforts and time to get the best results – lasting love with the man of your dreams.


Thanks to Portia at Truly Asian Dating for this amazing infographic!


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  1. At 40 year’s of age or more, you can no longer be as picky as you once were at 23. For example, at 44 I realized that I could no longer set my profile to exclude all men who are 5-10 or shorter anymore. You can’t request a defined income bracket anymore. You can’t see the first red flag and say “done.” If you feel that there is even a remote chance that something may pan out, you have to try it out. You just don’t have as many choices as in your youth. There is nothing too crazy about meeting separately for a cup of coffee downtown for 30 minutes or so. More important, my experience with online dating is that you will never, ever, ever really get to know the man unless you meet him in person. There are so many people who lie in their profiles, and even those who are more authentic may write great email messages but aren’t good in conversation.

    • All good points Jeanette. However, in case anyone reading this thinks we are talking about settling for less of a man, that’s not what we are saying. The point is to give men a chance. Saying no, no, no to every man is easy and will keep you single. Giving more men a chance with at least a coffee date is the way to find the right man for you.

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