15 Online Dating Profile Tips for the Best Photos Ever

Not getting enough attention online? It could be your photos. Get these 15 easy online dating profile tips for great photos to so you look your best and date-ready.

online dating profile tipsEasy Online Dating Profile Tips for Fabulous Photos

To find love online, your pictures mean everything. Good photos, whether or not professionally taken, are the answer to getting more attention online and meeting the right men. This is easy with a bit of planning to choose the best outfits, setting, lighting and look for you.

Men are visual so its absolutely essential to look your very best. Play up your assets. Wear your favorite dating clothes so you feel comfortable and confident – that comes through in the image. How you feel about yourself definitely shows. My savviest online dating profile tips make sure you don’t cheat yourself because you didn’t pay attention to details that make a difference.

  1. Go Solo. Yes, make sure you are the only person in your photos. No one will be dating your dog, kids or girlfriends, so focus on just you. Men complain they can’t tell which woman you are if you have a group shot. In addition, as a single gal, make sure you don’t include any men – even your dad or son can confuse men who can’t tell if you’re dating an older man or robbing the cradle.
  2. Dress Up. Don’t just throw on anything. This is like a job interview so look your best! Choose something you’d wear on a date with a hot guy you feel excited about. Be feminine and have one picture in a skirt or dress to capture a man’s eye. No worries – plunging necklines are not required to look sexy.
  3. Plainer is Better. Solid-colored clothing looks better and is less distracting than stripes or wild prints which should be avoided. Add color with accessories like scarves, belts, shoes and jewelry.
  4. Best Necklines. When you wear a high collar or turtleneck, you cover up your center for communication – your neck! Don’t cover up. You want your neck and collar bones to show because it makes you look more open and friendly. Plus, the neck is an erogenous zone so let the skin show when you wear a scoop or “V” neck top.
  5. No Cropped Pants. You may love your cropped pants but the truth is they can make you look dumpy. Who wants that? Wear ankle length pants or longer for a leaner look which is one of my best online dating profile tips.
  6. Blow Out Your Hair. There’s nothing wrong with curly hair and natural is fine with me. Just do your hair like you would to land the best job ever. Make it a good hair day and manage your curls and frizz. If your hair is straight, put a little bend on those ends.
  7. Wear Makeup. Yes makeup matters! Please put on mascara, under eye concealer, blush and lipstick or gloss. If you’re over 40, you need color on your cheeks and lips to look youthful and vibrant. If you don’t usually wear makeup – don’t think of this as false advertising – it’s actually product enhancement. And after the photos, you’ll see how good you look and start wearing a little makeup for dates too. Men like women who take good care of themselves so why not be as appealing as possible?
  8. Up Close and Personal. You may feel shy and just want shots of you at a distance but that won’t encourage men to email you. Quit playing games and stop hiding. Men want to see what you look like, so show them and get it over with. They’ll like what they see!
  9. No Sunglasses. Don’t hide behind those shades. Men want to see your face and your eyes most of all. Hiding your eyes creates trust issues, so forget the rock star look and let them see your eyes.
  10. Please Stand. Even if you’re tempted, do not sit down. Everything spreads when you sit. Stand up – that’s the way you’ll always look your thinnest and give men the best view of what you really look like.
  11. Smile Pretty. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but sometimes the best online dating profile tips are the most obvious. I see people online without a smile all the time. What’s up with that? Please, put on a happy face to get the positive attention from quality men you deserve.
  12. Action Shots. If you have some fun hobbies or interests, or enjoy sports, take a few action shots. That’s a place where you can break the rules, wear sunglasses, be seen from a distance, etc. An action shot lets people know you take part in life and enjoy yourself.
  13. Good Lighting. Want to look younger? Make sure your photos are taken with plenty of light on your face. Be careful of shadows that hide your features. More light means less wrinkles!
  14. Plan Your Background. What is behind you can enhance the photo or distract him from seeing you. Be the center of attention. Don’t let laundry hanging in the background or clutter catch his eye. You are trying to make a good impression! Look at what’s behind you in the photo and keep it simple and neat.
  15. Professional Photos. You don’t need to use a professional photographer, but it sure helps. They know all about lighting and angles so you’ll look your very best. If you can’t afford a photographer, ask around because someone has a friend who is great a taking pictures. Don’t hesitate to get the best profile photos possible to meet quality men online.

So that’s it – 15 simple and easy online dating profile tips for attention grabbing photos. Get out there this weekend and click a few new shots that show off what a great catch you really are.

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