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Have you tried online dating but didn’t have any luck? You put up a profile and answered a bunch of emails. Maybe the men dropped out while you were emailing. Or you had a couple of good first dates but never heard from the guy again. You might have connected with a few men who met you once or twice, but then just wanted to text. What’s up with that? Or none of the guys seemed to float your boat as the saying goes.

So you decided online dating is not for you. And that’s a real shame. Why? Well here are two amazing statistics that might make you reconsider

1. Online Dating is the #1 Way Singles Meet Over 50

Pretty amazing fact isn’t it? The reason is, the older men get, the harder it is to find the single ones. They don’t  join groups or attend events the same way women do. If you’ve attended a MeetUp.com group they are dominated by single gals. But one place you are sure to find men is the online dating sites!

2. Online Dating is the #2 Way Singles Under 50 Meet

Yup, it’s true. Online dating is responsible for over 20% of relationships. Meeting through friends is the only method that delivers more connections.

Regardless of your age, online dating is a
powerful resource

for meeting new people and finding love.


So What’s Getting in the Way of Finding Love Online?


10 Myths about Online Dating and
How They Keep You Single!

Free Audio Program – $37 Value
By Ronnie Ann Ryan – The Dating Coach for Women Over 40

That’s where my audio 10 Myths about Online Dating audio program can help! Online dating is not as obvious as it seems. Much of the information you have about dating on the web is incorrect and just plain wrong. Yet, you think it is the truth and so it colors your experience and holds you back from the love you crave.

I reveal the 10 most common myths and bust them wide open so you can see the truth and start to make the most of the fastest way to meet new men.

Here are a few of the myths I’ll be busting in my free audio program:

online datingAll men want younger/thinner women

online dating

Most men on these sites are scammers or players

online dating

All the wrong men respond to me

online dating

We both had a good time, I could tell

online dating

Your profile needs to say everything there is about you


Once you get past these misconceptions, you will be able to use my online dating tips to your advantage and start meeting more men and better men too. I want to help you get over your suspicions, your doubts, misconceptions, and misinformation that keeps you from seeing the potential!

This is what one of my clients who found love says…

“Once Ronnie explained what is considered “normal” for online dating,
everything came into perspective. My frustration level decreased
dramatically and what really surprised me was that the
number of interactions with men increased at the same time.
I can see how the right attitude makes all the difference.
Ronnie knows what she’s talking about.” –Margot in DC

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