10 Secret Strategies to Become a Magnet for Your Soulmate!

Welcome to Day 6 of the Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon.

Six fabulous bloggers with insightful and spiriied perspectives and suggestions about how a single woman can enjoy Valentine’s Day without a beau. If you want a quick brush up on 10 things you can do to turn your love life around pronto, check out today’s post.

Today’s guest blogger is Deanna Lorraine, San Diego’s Dating and Relationship Coach, Matchmaker  and NLP Practitioner. DeAnna  helps clients transform their love life to succeed with the opposite sex at www.DeAnnaLorriane.com

DeAnna Lorraine
DeAnna Lorraine


Ah, It’s Valentines Day…again. And you’re single, again. You may have done things this past year in your dating life that just didn’t work. You probably made some mistakes that you don’t want to repeat. But this year, let THIS be the year you finally find the man you’re going to marry!  Here are 10 proven things that you can do right away that will make a dramatic difference in your dating life, make you more magnetic for love, and have you rapidly attracting “The One.”

1. Eliminate the Excuses, Get ACTIVE, and put yourself OUT there! Stop making excuses for yourself to not truly put yourself out there. Shift from living in “Effect” to living “At Cause.” Take responsibility for yourself, for your self-improvement and the outcome of your dating life, just as you would if it were a career or other area that you had goals in. Don’t make excuses like “I’ll lose the weight/quit smoking, etc. when I meet someone special worth changing for.” That’s backwards — Solidify your own “Inner Game” now if you want to start attracting better partners & dates!

2. Raise your “Vibration” & “Realign your Energy” by Creating Positive Affirmations

  • Create Positive Affirmations. (Ex: Love comes to me easily and effortlessly. “I am Beautiful & Irresistibly Sexy and I attract Men/Women magnetically wherever I go)
  • Create a Vision Statement for your Ideal Partner/Soulmate, or ideal Dating Life
  • Create a Vision Board for how you would like your ideal Partner/Relationship, Love life or Dating Life to look like and put it in your room.
  • Turn your “Love Dial” on! You don’t notice a Taxi who drives by without their light on, so you need to put yours on.

3. Always Smile and Talk to Strangers! Start conversations with 1 new person every day for 1 week, then 2 new people a day for 1 week, then 3 or more new people a day for 2 weeks. Record your results every day from the interactions in a journal. Watch the magic that happens. And Ladies: If you want to be approached more, make it easier on men by projecting open and friendly body language, breaking away from your friends or group, smiling & making eye contact with men, giving them windows of opportunities rather than expecting them to read your mind.

4. If you want a partner, BE a partner. You can’t expect to find and attract someone who has all these qualities that you personally do not have. In order to find the perfect partner for you, you need to make sure you have all the qualities yourself that you’re looking for in a partner and are living the life that you want, or are actively working towards it.

5. Remove old Relationship Energy: Go through your home & bedroom and remove anything that reminds you of past relationships; photos, old sweater or shirt, a gift, letters or cards. When you have 1 foot in another relationship that isn’t working, your two steps away from being in a relationship that DOES work!

 6. Create the “Space” for your Soulmate/Love in your Home and Bedroom:

  • Clean your Room & Closets: When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in there will be stagnant. Clutter is a sign that chi is stuck, so clean the place up if you want to jump-start your love life. Clap your hands loudly around the room to clear out old, stale energy. Free up space in your closet for ‘someone else’s’ things.
  • Set up your “Love Corner:” (The far Right corner of any room when you’re standing in the doorway)
    • – Imagery or artwork representing lovers
      – Two pink or red candles or roses
      – Imagery or artwork of pairs such as ducks, doves, or swans 
      – Any image or object that represents love, marriage, or romance in a way that has strong personal meaning for you
    • Bed Placement: One of the most important aspects, energetically. Make sure your bed is not on the same side as your door; it should be on a wall opposite your door.

7.  Surround yourself with Positive Single Friends: Avoid the temptation to hang out alone, with your married friends, or with your family. Also avoid friends who have opposing goals from you (like those who just want to party or play the field, if you are looking for a serious relationship) or negative friends who may be sabotaging you or holding you back by trying to keep you single. If you’re lacking in friends, it is essential for your dating success that you make new ones.

8. Train yourself to take more risks and push yourself outside your comfort zones. Create a rolling list of accomplishments and new things that you try. This builds solid inner confidence and strengthens your unique traits & identity, making you dramatically more attractive.

9. Master your First Impression. First impressions MATTER. Within the first 3 seconds of a new encounter…we are judged and evaluated, and you make an indelible impression. Depending on your physical appearance and attire, will either intrigue and attract someone, or turn them off. So if 3 seconds can determine your fate on a date, and can make or break your opportunity with someone…wouldn’t it make sense to do everything you can to control YOUR first impression, and make sure that it’s the best impression possible.

You never know who you will meet and when, so dress like you’re about to meet the love of your life every date and put your best face forward. Don’t cut corners. Paying attention to the details of your first impression – like having a clean car, ironing your clothes, spritzing on fragrance or doing your make-up at home rather than rushing in the car on your way over there – will pay off.

10. Flirt! If you want to rapidly open the floodgates and fill your pipeline up with a continuous flow of prospects, you need to master the art of flirting. Get good at flirting, Flirt often and everywhere. Smile whenever you talk to people, make lots of eye contact and be playful and teasing.

For more advice on how to accelerate and enhance YOUR dating and love life & attract your life partner, visit DeAnna Lorraine and set up a free coaching consultation.


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