Access Deeper Wisdom to Know Why
Love or Living Your Best Life Has Been a Struggle

Ronnie Ann Ryan

If you want to understand...

  • What is for your highest good in your current situation
  • What your soul’s journey is about
  • Why you feel stuck and can’t seem to get what you want
  • Deeper patterns from past lives that affect you now
  • Practical guidance so you can figure out your next step
  • And, how all that impacts living well, finding love, and more

Then, you’re in the right place, and I can help.

Connect with spirit and your past lives.

The Akashic Records accesses past life details to provide soul level clarity, so you can make informed choices, take needed steps, and achieve your desires.

Opening to practical wisdom, proven strategies, keen insights, and mystical guidance, shared with compassion and humor.

That’s a game changer.

Ronnie Ann Ryan

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Happy Clients

“Your book Manifesting Mr. Right changed my life. I read it last August after a breakup from a short relationship. I wanted to give up until I read your book. I went on a trip for my 50th birthday (Sept 2020) and decided when I returned I would try again. I got on Bumble and within a few days I met the man of my dreams. He came in a different package than I ever expected – a cowboy living in a rural area and I am a nurse living a beach life. Needless to say I’m moving to that rural life and couldn’t be more excited. We have dreams, are building a house together and have discussed marriage. So….thank you from the bottom of my heart!”