Flirt School: Flirting Tips for Women Over 40

What makes a woman irresistible?
She’s friendly, flirty and delightful!

Take a minute and think about this – Do men see you as friendly, flirty and delightful? If you aren’t sure or answered “No,” then it’s time to work on your flirting skills girlfriend!

What Is Flirting Anyway?

Sometimes women are confused about flirting. They think it’s tacky, sleazy, or aggressive. I’ve heard women say that its the promise of intimacy or that it’s a manipulative way to interact with men. That’s not true! That’s not how I talk about or teach flirting. No way.

Flirting is simply a spontaneous, entertaining and playful way to interact with men. It’s friendly and fun. And it helps men feel comfortable around you. When you are more open and approachable, more men will naturally want to talk to you where ever you are.

See, you might not realize this but men do not like to be rejected any more than women do. Rejection feels crummy to men the same way it does to you. so, when you flirt, you actually make it easier for men to take the all important social risk of coming over to strike up a conversation.

Introducing My Newest Home Study Program

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This home-study program is EXACTLY what you need to understand and learn how to rely on your feminine charm. You want to make this graceful shift. Flirting is ESSENTIAL for your romantic success at any age, but especially for women over 40 and helps you attract the quality men you desire!

Can I Really Learn to Flirt?

Yes you can! Discover simple flirting tips and sure-fire ways to heighten your feminine charm around men so you can become simply irresistible to them. Find out how you can be one of those woman who men are drawn to like a moth to a flame. You’ll learn easy flirting moves so you can:

  • flirting, flirting tips, what is flirtingLet a man know you are open to talking with him
  • Increase your desirability and appeal
  • Connect with him without saying a word
  • Make a man feel special
  • Activate his masculine energy which makes him crave your feminine charm
  • Send non-verbal signals to telegraph your availability and interest
  • Strike up a conversation with ease
  • Make him curious to know more about you
  • Attract more men than you ever imagined!

“After just one session on flirting, my girlfriend and I decided to
give Ronnie’s suggestions a shot. We could not believe how
EASY IT WAS and how well these simple tips worked to
capture a man’s attention.  You have got to try this!”
– Susan, CT

Your Desirability Will Sky Rocket!

This fun, prerecorded program with Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan will awaken the allure that is your birth right and provide a frank discussion about how to make the most of your efforts. Every woman has an Inner Goddess waiting to emerge. Unleash this feminine power to find the love you want and deserve. Give yourself permission to use what nature gave you in a tasteful and alluring way to heighten your attraction power.

It’s all about interacting with men from this feminine place that is coded into your DNA. It’s in there, you just need to find out how to rely on this part of your personality.  Flirting is part of your most fundamental makeup, if you can just find out how easy this is to access and use. What a difference a little easy flirting can make!

Plus, learn key dating tips for women to help you avoid fatal and self-sabotaging dating mistakes many gals make today! I want you to date smarter and find love faster than you could ever do without my expert help.

Here’s what one very satisfied dating coaching client has to say about my flirting tips:

“Ronnie, I gotta tell you, this flirting thing is really working for me.
I smile at men with my eyes and it captures their attention.
Whether I’m on my bike or at a dance, the men approach me!
I can’t believe how simple and effective this has been. Thank you!”
–Margi from Denver

You know how they say you can attract more bees with honey? Well, now you’ll be able to attract more men with your sweet, flirty self. Allow your Inner Goddess to emerge so you can find the love you want now.

Do You Attract All the Wrong Men?

When dating coaching clients complain to me about attracting the wrong men, I know something is up not right about how these women interact with men. They aren’t relying on their feminine charm. Either they aren’t really open to men or worse, they are using business skills which never works to attract a quality guy. When women tell me they intimidate men, I know their business persona has been their primary way of interacting. But there is a better way!

The Magic of Flirting Is
Outrageously Powerful

Amp up your feminine charm and learn to flirt with grace and style! Listen, you know that dating is a numbers game, especially after divorce and in midlife. You have to meet a lot of men to find one you’ll click with. You have to sort through prospects to find the one guy who wants the same thing that you want – a long-term, loving and passionate relationship.

Do yourself a favor. Learn to flirt – it’s the fastest way to meet men anywhere. Make it a priority to become your flirty best to find the right man for you now.

What’s Included in the Program?

  1. flirting, flirting tips, what is flirtingTwo hour-long, prerecorded audio lessons loaded with proven flirting tips so you can flirt with ease and attract more men than ever ($197 value)
  2. The audio program: I’m So Alluring – Visualization to heighten your allure naturally (a $20 value)
  3. The book: We Asked Him! What Midlife Single Men Think about Dating, Love and Women (a $20 value)
  4. The Desirability Index – Find out how desirable you feel as a woman (a $20 value)

The total value for the Flirt School Home Study program is $257. But I want to make this really accessible for any woman who wants to increase her desirability, meet more men and find love faster. That’s why I’m lowering the price for a short time only to just $47That’s right – just $47. It costs more than that to get your hair cut and colored.

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