Are You Dating, But Not Meeting The Right Men?


I know dating isn’t easy. I’ve been in your shoes, dating after 40 and looking for the right man to share my life with.

So much can happen during your search for love and the right man. You might meet men who:

  • Seem to like you, but don’t call again
  • Bore the heck out of you
  • Just want to sleep with you
  • Are nice, but not for you
  • Don’t have the chemistry you crave
  • Move too fast and then it’s over
  • Take weeks between dates so thing never gel
  • Text like crazy, but don’t ask you out

 How are you supposed to weed out the rif raf to connect with the quality man you deserve?

The truth is, you need to date quite a few men to find the right one. Finding love is a journey of self-discovery where you learn about yourself, how dating works after 40 and how to understand men.

Let’s face it – it seems easier sometimes to stay single and busy yourself with work, friends, hobbies, etc. But that won’t get you closer to the love you long for. Your desire for love is basic human needs from the core of your being.

No matter how you are currently meeting men, my dating coaching and home study products have been created to help you  find love more easily, with less angst, confusion and heartbreak. Invest a little time now to understand what works best when looking for love after 40, 50 or 60, so you can’t stop wasting your precious time.

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MANifesting Mr. Right

I woke up on my 40th birthday still single. I had a good life with a great job and plenty of girlfriends. But I didn’t have a loving relationship with the right man and I had absolutely no prospects.

Then I decided to figure dating over 40 and find the love I longed for. The strategies I used that helped my meet the man of my dreams are what I share with single women today. These simple methods have worked for countless women and will work for you too!

“Ronnie’s book has a smart, upbeat approach that gave me hope again after 40. I’m dating more now than I ever did in my teenage years!” – Cynthia, 41 in NY

“Thanks Ronnie. After a painful divorce, you helped steer me in the right direction, regain the confidence I needed, and remind me that I deserve real happiness. When I met Bob, I knew he qualified for the Mr. Right position and now we are happily married.” – Terry, 54 in CT

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Transform Your Dating Karma

As a dating coach for women, I know how tough it is to be  single. I walked in your shoes until I married for the first time at 43. You might think the problems with dating over 40 are obvious like:

  • There aren’t any decent men
  • I’m too old, overweight, uninteresting…
  • I don’t know where to meet men
  • I don’t have luck with dating
  • I had love once and that’s it for me
  • It’s too late for me

But what if something else is in the way?

What if thoughts like these ARE the PROBLEM? What if there are good men and you just need to shift your thoughts and change your perspective to transform your dating luck or shall I say…karma?

This is EXACTLY what I had to do and what many of my clients focus on. Because, and this is the best part…When you shift your energy and mindset about dating, the good men start to show up and notice you. YES! You start to attract them in your life!

Let me show you how to transform your dating karma to attract love now with an empowering set of techniques and tools that are super easy, yet amazingly effective. It’s all available to you in one digital home study program.

“Ronnie – you are a genius! I’m a different person since I started using the Transform Your Dating Karma program. I’m not awkward around men anymore and more confident and comfortable instead. A big part is embracing the idea of being someone a man would want to be around. So, I’ve been getting rid of clutter at home and getting my hair professionally done. I’m going to be 60 next month and dating is finally going well. Thank you!” — Joy, CA

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Private One-on-One Coaching

Think about it – you hire professionals to help with many areas of life. You probably hire an accountant to do your taxes, a decorator to make your home beautiful and a hair dresser to style your hair. Why not work with a dating expert to find love?

If weekends with your gal pals are losing appeal or your dating efforts aren’t delivering the love you crave, it’s time to ask for help. Dating is a journey for learning more about yourself and how to find love. The Dating GPS System will help you meet  the right man with more ease and far less angst. As a dating coach for women, let me provide expert guidance so you stay on course and stop making time-wasting, gut-wrenching mistakes. You deserve to find the true love you dream of.

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