Tired of Silent Nights and Being Single?

Tired of Silent Nights and Being Single?

If you’ve been single for a while, you have likely spent many nights alone. Those are the “Silent Nights” I’m talking about, a take off on the famous Christmas song.

It’s certainly not all bad! No struggling with the covers. No snoring. At least not by anyone but you. Going to sleep any time you want. Watching TV till the wee hours if you feel like it. There are benefits of sleeping alone for sure.

But sometimes, it might be nice to snuggle up to a man. Cuddle next to him for warmth and affection. Breath in his scent and feel the stubble on his chin. And maybe something more.

Being single, this is what my dating coaching clients tell me they miss the most. The closeness, affection, kisses and having someone to share every day life with.

So, what are you going to do about it? Once the holiday busy-ness is over, will you make finding love a priority? Will you…

  • Decide to go online
  • Try a speed dating
  • Attend a meetup single events?
  • Ask a friend if she knows anyone to fix you up with
  • Smile more and become more aware of the men around you in your every day life

Good men are out there. But you have to be visible and mingling to meet them.

As your dating coach, let me ask you –  what’s it going to be? Will you have countless silent nights in front of you? Have you had enough and feel tired of being single? Or will you make an effort in 2012 to change your dating behavior?

  • Will you shift into action and take steps to meet men?
  • Will you open your heart and mind to men and give them a chance?
  • Will you work on your self-esteem so when you do get out there, you’ll appear confident?

If you are ready to get your feet wet on the Internet, I’m offering the How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online Group Coaching Program starting January 16th. You still have time to save $50 off the fee AND get an incredible bonus worth $257! But all this ends on New Year’s Eve at midnight.

Don’t wait and miss out. Decide, right now that 2012 is your year for love! Then, let me help you so your dreams of love can come true. Get all the info here


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