Dating Over 40: Fireworks – A Heart Opening Exercise for July 4th

Expand your heart to attract love

Are you tired of celebrating your independence? Are you looking for love? Here’s a great exercise to help you open your heart to love and find the fireworks you long for with the right man. Last night’s fireworks for the Fourth will help you in this fun visualization exercise.

Close your eyes and take three deeps slow breaths.  Let the air completely fill your lungs and abdomen.  Feel your body relaxing with every new breath you take and let go of your cares and worries of the day as you exhale.

Imagine a beautiful night sky.  The color is a deep rich blue that stretches as far as the eye can see.  It has a depth to it that you have never noticed before, as if you get a true feeling for the incredibly expansive space that lies beyond the simple beauty.

The sky continues to darken as the evening sunset completely dissipates.  The added darkness makes the stars pop and twinkle with incredible brilliance, dancing across the vastness before you.

This is a night of celebration and you are ready to enjoy a grand display of fireworks that will soon fill the sky.  The anticipation is enlivening because you know the festivities are in honor of abundance and opportunity; energy and expansiveness.  You feel totally relaxed, yet filled with the tingling expectancy of what is about to happen.

As the first wick is lit, you hear the rush of the rocket speeding upwards to the stars.  The rocket bursts wide open exposing the brilliant sparkling bits of color that dazzle the night sky.  At first the display is slow, and one by one the fireworks explode with color and vibrancy.  Then things start to take off with many explosions occurring simultaneously, ever expanding as the colors change and spread out to completely permeate your view.

You come to a slow realization that opening your heart to love is like the fireworks.  At first your heart may be tightly packed from old wounds, dashed hopes, and disappointments.   But as time marches forward and you work on healing, you can shift to opening your heart and expanding it once again.  This process gets you ready energetically for a loving relationship.  When your heart is open, you have the chance to connect with people at a deep level.

As the fireworks continue to race upwards and burst wide open, a deep sense of calm knowing within you feels like the time is now.  You are truly ready, prepared and geared up for love.  You feel your heart open and allow the vastness and incredible abundance of the Universe to embrace you.

This experience fills your senses completely.  And suddenly you realize that you, like the fireworks are ready to expand and reach out – like a fountain of sorts.  But instead of fizzling and dissipating like fireworks, your fountain continues to flow in a radiant, glowing stream of color and light.  This is dramatic proof of the abundance and never ending supply of energy that the Universe has to offer you.

This endless abundance is also true for potential romantic partners.  There have never before been so many opportunities to meet single people who want a relationship.  Let those fireworks shine the light on prospects who are ready too and want what you want.  You have the ability to meet lots of potential partners until you find the one that is right for you.  It is simply a matter of time.  There is no other alternative but that you will find love.  This is as certain  as the stars twinkling in the night sky night after night.

As the display comes to an end, allow these good feelings to wash over you.  Breathe them in and remember how this experience felt.  You are connected to that endless abundance of the Universe and are one with it.  You are a part of it and it is a part of you.  Hold onto the expansiveness and your open heart as you go forth with your day or evening.  Feel yourself like the fountain of bright light sparkling and recognize your true magnetism.  What is yours will come and is already on the way.  Be thankful and know it is so.

photo credit: chrislrmo

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